Venmo Product Design

Summer Internship 2018

This summer I had the priviledge to work at Venmo as a Product Design Intern. Through my 10 week internship I worked on various projects, participated and won two hackathons, and got to meet not just the Venmo team, but Paypal and Xoom as well. My main projects were related to commerce initiatives at Venmo where I evaluated and executed on ways to make the funding and movement of money more clear to users, whether through in app purchase histories or email receipts. I also made an two emojis for Paypal's Intern Emoji Hackathon where I was one of the winning teams and will have my emoji featured in Venmo as part of their Back to School Fall 2018 series. Last but not least, in my second to last week at Venmo I worked on "Undo Payments" as a designer on a hack week team and won an award for best customer solution.

Details on my projects and my process are coming soon and some will potentially be NDA. Drop me a message or come back a lil later if you want to learn more!