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Hi there! I’m Julia Luo, a product designer who’s trying her best ︎. I believe in responsible design, fun colors, and mentoring the next generation of designers.  

Work —

Home ->
Mixpanel, Fall 2023

Leading the design of the first ever Home page for Mixpanel customers. This page is what all users see every time they enter the product.

Responsible Innovation and Ethics ->
Meta, Summer 2022

Led the design of a 0—1 internal tool to help teams at Meta navigate the various processes and reviews to launch high quality and responsible products.

Business Completion Meter ->
Meta, 2021 
An onboarding module for small businesses to learn how to manage their presence on the Facebook App and Facebook Business Suite
COVID-19 Business Resources ->
Meta, 2020 
My own idea that became the COVID-19 Business Resources, a guidance hub for small businesses in the Facebook App with over 60 million visitors.