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Facebook Business Suite | Jan — April 2021 | Main Product Designer

01 | Introduction

Small businesses who are getting started online always face a universal problem: I don’t know what to do next.

While streamlined onboarding can help a business get their account made quickly, business admins generally lack time and resources to properly get set up and achieve results on our platforms.

Since Facebook Business Suite(FBS) is a brand new platform for small businesses, we decided solving this difficult problem on FBS was the next place for our team to work in. 

02 | Goals and Focus

Since onboarding as a problem space is quite large, our team decided to focus on three themes as a priority for our project:
  • Activation, what helps a user understand Facebook Business Suite
  • Cross-family, what helps enable admins to manage multiple presences (both Instagram and Facebook)
  • Success, what will help a business become successul online with customers

Some non goals of our project were:
  • Navigability, another team was building a product tour
  • First time experience

Success metrics:
  • Conversion rate of all onboarding items
  • Weekly active admins


Gather ︎︎︎
Past research of FBS, Pages, and Instagram
Analysis ︎︎︎
Data analysis on current user behavior 
Synthesize ︎︎︎
Deciding on content for modules
Design + Prototype ︎︎︎
Figma prototyping
Usability Testing ︎︎︎
Running high-fidelity user testing

03 | More details

To learn more about this project, reach out to me via email!