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Facebook Pages | Mar - Sep 2020 | Main Product Designer

Starting in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic took an enormous toll on small businesses across the world. As the team at Facebook focusing on delivering communications to small businesses, I kept thinking to myself: “what can we do to help small businesses stay afloat right now?”

01 | Introduction

In March 2020, I worked as the primary designer for Business Resources, a resource hub in the Facebook app. My role included proposing the intial idea and pushing it from bottom up, as well as strategizing and designing the surface on both mobile and web throughout the course of 6 months.

Previously named Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Resources, the purpose of this hub is to specifically help small business on Facebook find ways to move their business online, get financial support, and stay connected with customers during coronavirus.

02 | Context

Before the pandemic set in, there was an overarching problem that consistently appeared in research for small businesses using Facebook tools.
  • “Facebook is like a black box, I have no idea how to use it”
  • Lack of tool awareness and discovery
  • Spammy guidance, “Too much noise when I’m trying to complete my tasks”

When COVID-19 started to cause lockdowns and small businesses were forced to close indefinitely, many teams at Facebook moved quickly to create new features such as:
  • Live shopping 
  • Delivery features on Pages
  • Facebook native menus
  • Coronavirus specific update posts
  • Resilience guides
  • Training kits
  • Fundraisers
  • and many more

All these new features were reaching out to our team to build into our communication channels with high urgency. This large influx of requests, our existing knowledge that guidance was broken for businesses on Facebook, and my desire to do whatever it took to help small businesses led me to arrive at the following idea:

Let’s create a central COVID-19 resource hub for small businesses to access organic tools to help keep their business affloat.

To learn more about this project, please reach out to me via email!

Early production version (July 2020)